Best of the 2017 Shanghai 48 Hour Film Project

Eastern Independent talks with some of the winners from this year’s Shanghai 48HFP.

November proved to be a busy month of film activity as the latest edition of the Shanghai 48-Hour Film Project took over the city with more than twenty teams competing for the Best Film award and a chance to screen at the 2018 Filmapalooza in Paris, France. We look back at the biggest winners from this year’s contest and talk with some of the people involved.

The month of November kicked off with a wild weekend of movie-making from the 3rd to the 5th as more than twenty teams raced to complete their films as part of the 2018 Shanghai 48-Hour Film Project. This was followed by a pair of packed-house screenings at Central Studios on Sunday, November 12th, plus an official awards ceremony on Sunday, November 19th as part of a special showcase at the European Union Film Festival.

Now that the dust has finally settled, we take a look at some of the award-winners from the 2018 competition and hear from some of the people who were involved in bringing nearly two dozen short films to the screen.

Life of a Hunter — Best Production Design, Best Use of Prop

Life & Death: Liu Donglin plays writer and vampire killer Wen Hua in the 48HFP short, Life of a Hunter.

Life of a Hunter bit into a pair of awards with a story about a writer (played by Liu Donglin) who moonlights as a vampire killer and a journalist (played by Sun Mantong) who interviews him in hopes of uncovering the secret behind his success.

In order to get the project off the ground, producer Zhang Chuyi pulled together a cast and crew of nearly twenty film students from six different schools around Shanghai.

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