Director Ning Hao Aiming for Crossover Success with “Crazy Alien”

By J. Blackshadow

Originally posted in Crazy From Kong, 1 December 2017

Considered one of China’s most profitable writer/directors, Ning Hao has had tremendous success directing relatively low-budget comedies with strictly the burgeoning moviegoing audiences of 2nd and 3rd tier Chinese cities in mind. His new film in production, Crazy Alien seems like it will try to bring his particular style of comedy to a wider, more international audience than his previous efforts.

So far, we don’t know much about the plot of Crazy Alien, aside from that it is a sci-fi comedy. As the third of his unofficial “Crazy” trilogy, including the dark comedies Crazy Stone and Crazy Racer, it’s safe to assume that the story will involve several groups of characters intersecting and competing for a grand prize…. and an alien!  Hilarity ensues.
Unlike his previous films, however, this film will be shot in a mix of English and Chinese.

Having cast a host of western talent, including Matthew Morrison of Glee fame and Tom Pelphrey (Iron Fist), alongside his long time collaborators Huang Bo and Xu Zheng (Breakup BuddiesLost in Thailand), it seems that Ning Hao might be veering away from the winning formula that made him one of China’s most beloved filmmakers.

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