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Typically, when you get wind of a filmmakers meet-up, your mind easily translates it into a full-on undercover film set, where the crew and cast are masquerading as ordinary citizens, whilst sharing well-scripted conversations on a normal Tuesday night.

 Fortunately for planet earth, nothing ‘normal’ can result from putting creative beings in the same space…

 Unlike an actual film set where the roles are pre-determined; The Shanghai Film Maker’s MeetUp has created a setting where filmmakers and film enthusiasts have the freedom to learn from, and authentically express themselves amidst like-minded industry players.

 Tuesday, 27 March 2018 marked the second Shanghai Film Makers Meet Up for this year. The kaleidoscope of people that turned up was particularly refreshing and inspiring to observe. Seasoned creative minds from various corners of the globe, starting in Shanghai and stretching to Mauritius, Mexico and beyond were found having conversations, sharing ideas and connecting in a relaxed yet meaningful manner. This kind of intercontinental creative cross-pollination, is the kind of unconventional magic that sets the Shanghai Film Scene apart.

The platform is a rare and unique opportunity to immediately engage with, easily access and collaborate with sound experts, directors, animators, writers, performers, colorists etc.

The success of the meet-up on Tuesday night is owed to the team of organizers from China Indie Film & Eastern Independent. Through these monthly meet-ups, filmmakers can be part of a growing collaborative culture and expanding filmmakers network.

If you missed it, fret not! Make sure you’re at the next one in April. Keep an eye out for the details…

Editors note: The Shanghai Film Makers Meetup was attended by more than 45 members of the creative community and organized by Michael Thede and Richard Trombly with marketing by Beverly Huang at:

Le Cafe Des Stagieres in Found 158 on 158 Julu Lu. 

Written by and photo credits by: Perpetua Mbali @

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