About Us/关于

About Us/关于

– Interpreting China to the world though film -用电影让世界了解中国

China Indie Film is a platform designed to explore, analyze and support the burgeoning China independent film industry.  Based in Shanghai, it seeks to support the community across Mainland China, Hong Kong & Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and other centers of Chinese diaspora through news, events, critique, screenings and industry insights.


Richard Trombly is the founder and editor-in-chief of China indie film.  He is a writer and filmmaker with 25+ years of media industry and journalism experience.  Born in USA, Trombly has been in China since 2003. He can be reached at : richard@trombly.com

理查德 特朗布利是中国独立电影的创立者和总编。他是一名作家兼电影制作人,有着25年以上的媒体产业和新闻记者经验。出身于美国,特朗布利从2003年起就来到中国。您可以通过邮箱richard@trombly.com联系到他。

Beverly Huang has been working with China Indie Film since 2016 providing services in Marketing, Data Analysis and Art design as well as event organization and planning. Contacts: Beverlyhcy@gmail.com or wechat ID: qwas147852

About China Independent Filmmakers Association – 关于中国独立电影协会

Originally founded by Richard Trombly as the Shanghai Independent Filmmakers Association in 2008, this group seeks to enhance the collaboration in the independent entertainment industry and brings together various talents and film makers at film related events, screenings and networking to collaborate and share ideas. This networking and collaboration has lead to several successful film projects. We have expanded the scope to include film makers across the “greater China” region.

理查德 特朗布利先生最初在2008年创立了上海独立电影协会。这个组织力求在独立娱乐圈的合作,并通过电影相关活动,放映和网络加强合作和分享创意,聚集了百花齐放的文艺人才和电影制作人。这个网络合作圈已经产出了不少成功的电影项目。于是我们将这个电影制作人的范围扩展到整个大中华圈。

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